Dearest do-gooders, change-makers, and ruckus-starters of the world,

When your work is driven by more than your bank balance or the breadth of your client roster, your brand is more than just a sales tool. It’s the tool you use to inspire the masses, influence change, and infuse more good into this world.

Ignite Your Cause serves those hell-bent on making this world a better place to live, work, and play. Whether you need help stoking your mission's embers, getting clear on your message, or igniting your movement, you're in the right place.

your mission

You've got more than just something to sell... you've got something to SAY! Reconnect with your mission to make an impact on this world.

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your message

You need a brand that transcends the page, attracting the eyeballs and attention your mission deserves and your message demands.

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your movement

Creating a movement all on your own is hard. At times, it may even feel downright impossible. In 2015, you won't need to go it alone.

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Honestly, SEEING how Megan works and thinks about a pile of words is really astounding. It’s like she could intuit all the places that I was struggling to make the words make sense. It reads SO much clearer. I’m SO sticking a fork in messing with the copy any more.
Kara Martin Snyder, CHHC, Health & Lifestyle Strategistvital corps
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