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This weekend served as a monumental reminder as to why I’m doing the work I do for the children at Good Samaritan’s Children Home.

On my way back to my hometown to celebrate my great-nephew’s 2nd birthday with mounds and heaps of family, I reconnected with a cousin who I’ve not seen since I was in diapers and speaking jibberish. Talking with him for nearly a half an hour, catching up on where we’re at in our lives, what’s happened over the years, and sharing memories of our family simply made my day.

After that, I spent hours playing in the park, enjoying the sun, and spending time with other family members celebrating Jayce’s birthday and celebrating each other. Then the email came.

Pictures from the orphanage taken just a few hours earlier in the day. Rachael could only send me a handful as internet access is limited and uploading is difficult. But the five or six photos she sent made my heart swell and my eyes well at the gorgeous smiling faces and tiny little souls at the home in Nairobi.

I looked around at all the family I was surrounded with; the kids were running and prancing and laughing, the parents were wiping food off their faces and hollering warnings not to get too close to the water, the brothers and sisters were making jokes, poking fun, and giving big hugs. There we were. A motley crew of family coming together despite our circumstances, schedules, and other commitments. Technicalities of relation by marriage, by blood, by whatever else might make our family tree quite possibly the most crooked and contorted tree ever not-actually-seen are tossed aside and we are family through and through, truer than true.

I looked back at the pictures of the children at the orphanage. I realized that I fell in love with those children a long time ago. I fell in love with them when I first heard the stories about the home. These children without families, struggling amidst the chaos of poverty and disease, trying to navigate their world without the love, support, and encouragement of their families, they needed help and I was determined to give them that. But it wasn’t until I saw those pictures on my tiny little iPhone screen, juxtaposed against the backdrop of my own incredible family, that I realized I didn’t just love these children… I had decided they were part of our family too.

It’s become apparent that we are one heart (thanks to Rachael for putting that feeling into words in one of her posts) and we are one global family… coming together to support each other and offer unconditional love regardless of the circumstances. And no one, NO ONE, can have too big a family.  Especially these children who’ve lost the families they were born with, the only families they knew before Good Samaritan, the families they counted on for care and support in one way or another.

If you agree that no one can have too big a family and you’d like to be a part of the global family growing at www.UjimaBazaar.com (where we’re raising funds to help support these itty bitty cutie patooties) share this post and share this video.


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