Basketball Taught Me Everything I Know About Being Remarkable

I wrote a different blog post for today. You know, one that’s about writing. With tips and tricks and stuff. Valuable stuff that’s relevant to my people.

But then the basketball game came on.

And if you know me AT ALL, you know that means trouble. So instead of a helpful, relevant post about copywriting, you get this. (My apologies to those who don’t get into basketball.)


There’s nothing in this world that gets my blood pumping quite like college basketball.

I clap my hands together so hard they sting while hollering encouraging expletives at my team.

I cackle aloud when the competition wastes a beautiful play with a terrible shot.

I speculate at the mental roadblocks holding back my favorite players.

I loudly celebrate beautifully executed passes, monumental rebounds, and timely fouls.

Everything about the game lights me up inside.

The sound of tennis shoes squeaking across the hardwood floor.

The way the ball whispers the tales of victory each time it slips through the grasp of the nylon net.

The sweat and tears that coat the floor beneath the bench on the sidelines.

The special brand of pushing, shoving, grunting, and growling that only bubbles to the surface down in the paint.

The certainty your guts are going to explode if you push any harder and your heart will explode if you care any deeper… but not knowing which will come first.

The insatiable need to consistently deliver your best, your biggest, and your brightest on the court… game after game after game.

Playing basketball as a kid taught me everything I know about what it takes to be remarkable.

I learned the importance of teamwork. I learned to play to my strengths and let my weaknesses lie.

I learned to draw the competition into MY game instead of playing theirs.

I learned to celebrate the wins even when they’re ugly and always always learn from the losses.

I learned being on the “A” team doesn’t mean shit when the “B” team is comprised of better players and better human beings.

I learned hustle + heart is a lifestyle, not a game strategy.

I learned the playbook has it’s place but the game changes and requires agility and adjustments.

I learned a well-executed assist is even more satisfying than taking the shot myself.

I learned a great coach is hard to come by but can lead even a mediocre team to greatness.

I learned to trust my team to always have my back, even when I’m not at my best.

I learned a person can achieve absolutely anything they set their mind to.

And, most importantly, I learned how fulfilling and exhilarating life can be when you live passionately, loudly, and without abandon.

This post was inspired by, and henceforth is dedicated to, a few old friends: Megan Viehe, Chris Reed, and Matt Vander Hulst. Together, we bleed green… and can always count on one another to “like” our basketball rah-rahs and rants on Facebook.

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