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dogooderbadgeIt’s official, folks! Ignite Your Cause is launching The Do-Gooders Club and it’s going to be grrrrrreat. Whenever humanly possible, I’ll be featuring fantabulous Do-Gooders who are out in the world making tons of noise in the name of a special cause.

Who can be in the Do-Gooders Club?

I’m glad you asked. Do-gooders, as defined in the Dictionary of Megz (it’s a thing), are individuals who are fighting to make this world a better place to live, work, or play. You could be doing this by: rallying your community around a social issue, raising money for cancer research, serving the poor, saving the planet one re-usable cup at a time, inventing new technologies to spur medical innovations, providing resources for the under-served, or a whole plethora of other do-gooding stuff. I think you get the drift. Do-gooders are givers. Givers of time, space, energy, knowledge, resources, money, or more to benefit something greater than themselves.

Are you a Do-Gooder?

If you are, I want to feature you and your do-goodery goodness on the Ignite Your Cause blog and the monthly Mission: Ignition newsletter. Just contact me about what you’re up to and we’ll make some magic happen. If you don’t have any do-goodery cooking currently, you can always feel free to nominate a Do-Gooder in your life that you love and admire!

So, first up on the Do-Gooders Club roster is the ever-so-delightful Sara Frandina!

Each and every do-gooder I talk to has different challenges and personal experiences that lead them into their special brand of do-goodery. What captivated me most about Sara’s story was why she chose to give back in the particular way she chose. Sometimes, in order to find the right give-back model for our hearts, our busy schedules, and our all-too-slender pocketbooks, we’ve got to get creative and dig deep to figure it out. And that’s precisely what Sara did. Check out her story below.

Megz: Before we get into the do-goodery, give me the skinny on who you are and what you do.

Sara: Well hey there! My name is Sara. I’m the chief copywriter and owner at the company that bears my name – Sara Frandina Strategies. I happily create copy and craft content for clients on a daily basis. Words are my gig, and a blank page is my playground. I love, love, love jamming with brands and individuals find the best ways to express who they are and what they do.


Megz: Tell me about what you’re up to with Ride for Roswell.
Sara: I’m glad you asked. I am now less than a week away from the biggest bike ride of my life. The Ride for Roswell is an annual fundraiser for Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY, where I’m from. I’ve had countless family members and friends treated at Roswell, a world-class institute and one of nation’s leading cancer research hubs. Anyway, the Ride for Roswell is a bike ride that has a host of different routes you can choose between – from the 3-mile fun ride to the 100-mile century ride. When my cousin Andrea passed away from leukemia in September of 2012, it prompted her sisters, Catherine and Lisa, to build team Andrea’s Army to ride in the 2013 ride. That’s when we debuted – my husband, cousin Tim, and I riding the 45-mile ride, the furthest of any of our team members. This year, we’re stepping that up to the 65-mile route. And you better believe we hope to keep increasing.


Megz: How did you come to decide that physical challenges like running and biking were the right fit for *you* to do good and make change in the world?
Sara: Making change in the world can be an overwhelming task. And as someone who wants to constantly be doing that, it became obvious to me that I needed to find the way I could best make an impact according to my current situation. My first two thoughts: time or money. But unfortunately, I’m not in a financial position to give more than the $25/month I give to particular causes, and as a solo, multi-passionate business owner, a family girl, and a current literacy volunteer, time is not quite on my side. So that brought me to thinking – what can I do right now? Well, I’m young, and I try to stay fit, so why not push myself in physical challenges while I can?
That philosophy was solidified when I was training for my first half marathon last fall to benefit the hospice foundation that my grandfather was under the care of before passing away in early 2013. I was out on a run – one of my very least favorite things to do –  and considering quitting. But it was on this particular run through my neighborhood that I ran past a family – a mom, dad, and baby in a stroller – and the baby was propped up unusually, with a breathing machine and IV attached. The baby could not have been more than a year old. It broke my heart. But it made me come to an adrenaline-pumping realization: I am going to run for this baby. I am going to run for all of the people who wish they could use their two legs and last 13.1 miles but don’t have that luxury. Two months later, I crushed my goal in my half marathon. And I wanted more.
So I ride in the Ride for Roswell for all the people suffering from cancer and cancer-related disabilities who simply cannot ride. Because as long as there’s someone wishing they could be doing what I’m doing, shouldn’t I be absolutely freakin’ grateful that I can? That’s how I feel – and so I will support the causes near and dear to me through athletic endeavors as long as my mind and body allow, and when that’s not possible anymore, I’ll find a different way.


Megz: Are you incorporating your fundraising efforts into your business goings on? 
Sara: Fancy that idea! Why yes, I am. In fact, some of my colleagues have called me crazy for what I’m doing. Because until this Friday, June 27th, I’m literally giving away my Copy POWER Hour, a professional copy-editing service, for free when people donate $100 or more to my ride. That means for a tax-deductible $100 donation, my $500 service is free. Because I believe in kicking both copywriting AND cancer’s ass. Plain and simple. Let’s make an impact together, shall we?


Megz: Do you have any advice for folks who are eager to do some good in the world but aren’t sure about *how* they can contribute and make a difference?
Sara: Absolutely. Consider what you’re capable of. Perhaps right now you’re strapped for time and physically not up to crazy pursuits, but you’re willing to budget a pot of money to donate. Then find the cause you want to support and give your money. (I highly recommend using sites like Charity Navigator or GuideStar to confirm that your money is going to research and/or programming rather than overhead and administrative costs before donating.) If your financials aren’t so lenient but you can spare an hour or two a week, find a local charity that needs time – I promise you there’s plenty, whether you’re interested in helping adults learn to read, volunteering as a Big Brother/Big Sister, or walking animals at the local shelter. The opportunities are endless. And if time, money, and athletic pursuits aren’t up your alley? Consider how else you can give. Are you a solopreneur who can donate services? Or a strong writer who could pen a letter of support?


Megz: How can fellow do-gooders, change-makers, and ruckus-starters donate to your campaign and connect with you?

Sara: I would love it if the do-gooders, change-makers, and ruckus-starters checked out my campaign on my website – the Copy POWER Hour. Not up your alley? Feel free to make a donation, and gift the savings to a friend. And for readers of my dear friend Megan’s blog here, I’ve got an even more killer offer: for anyone who goes above and beyond the $100 mark, I’ll be randomly selecting one giver to receive a $250 graphic design package gifted from Megz herself, the pixel geek behind Ignite Your Cause! Get spiffy copy + design that makes your message POP! Can’t. Go. Wrong.

I’ll be thinking of you every single mile of my 65-mile ride as I tread all over cancer’s ugly, ugly face. It’s been an honor and a pleasure! I’d love to connect with all you readers – get in touch via Twitter (@heytheresar) or by shooting me an email.

To my do-gooding, change-making, and ruckus-starting friends!

Let’s Do More Good Together

I’d love to see my loyal do-gooders, change-makers, and ruckus-starters stand up and support Sara in a BIG way during her final push to meet her fundraising goal for cancer research. If you can spare $10 this week, that would be amazing. If you can spread the word of her do-goodery efforts to your friends and family, that would be incredible too!

Click to tweet: Support @heytheresar as she pedals her tail off for cancer research! #rideforroswell #65miles

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