That Terrible Place Between Zero and One


That Terrible Place Between Zero and One


The Truth is… I’ve been stuck.

In June, I realized my itty bitty biz’s successes were a different shade of impact than I’d set out to color the world with. They were achievements. Big ones, small ones, exciting ones, astonishing ones… but they weren’t what I envisioned when I hung my shingle out.

I dreamed of making a difference with my business. I would lie awake at night scheming and dreaming – sugarplums of impact danced in my head. I dreamed of the real, true influence I could foster by helping do-gooders and change-makers make more noise.

But somewhere along the journey, I managed to stay the beaten, well lit path – the one paved with dollar bills and paypal invoices – rather than chasing that mission-driven dream as it wandered off-road on a dark, uncertain adventure.

And when I realized that… that I’d lost sight of my dream, that it was long gone… frolicking off in a dark and foreign wood, that it would take time I couldn’t afford to spend, energy I didn’t have to spare, and navigation skills I’d not yet acquired to find it once again… I panicked.

I was paralyzed by the fear of starting over on this business I’d worked SO DAMN HARD to build.

I was paralyzed by the fear of not knowing how to fix what didn’t *look* broken; but it felt like it had shattered into a million shards of failure, right in my hands.

I was paralyzed by the fear of losing. My momentum. My credibility. My confidence.

I was the epitome of stuck.

Until today, the launch of a collaborative project I’ve been working on this summer, I hadn’t posted to my private Facebook community in a month. I hadn’t Twittered in two. I hadn’t written a blog post in just as many months if not more. I never got my referral campaign moving, never got my newsletter fired up, and not one update to website was made. I never initiated anything I’d resolved to do as part of my epic shift to get back to my bigger mission: my mission to make an impact.

I could beat myself up about it (and if you ask my coach, I have) but I’m not going to anymore. It happens. We humans get stuck. We create these well-oiled machines of process, habit, routine, and status quo to make our lives easier and more manageable. But when those machines stop creating the end product we want, it’s jarring. Gears stop turning. Mechanisms collide. The screeching sound of metal clashing against metal disrupts our environment and productivity comes to a halt.

Until someone gets in there, figures out what’s broken, and starts fixing it.

Today, with this post, I am committing to fixing what’s broken.

I am committing to conquer my to-do list that’s longer than any two of my limbs combined.

I am committing to focus my limited time and energy only on the things that make sense for me, my business, my priorities, and my mission – to hell with all the “shoulds”.

I am committing to keeping my mission front-and-center in ALL aspects of my business – through my products, services, marketing, and my clients.

I am committing to serving people who are hell bent on making this world a better place to work, play, and live.

I am committing to really, truly being an Agent of Impact.

Reconnecting with your big mission, your all-important message, and invoking your inner agent of impact can feel overwhelming. But you’re not alone in doing it.

I’m right here with you.

If you haven’t begun, and you’re in that terrible place between zero and one, what are you willing to commit to today to get you past the starting line?

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