10 Spectacular Things


10 Spectacular Things

Coach Jennie threw down the gauntlet last week and challenged people to share and celebrate 10 spectacular things happening in their lives right now.

Being the good student of Audacity that I am, I accepted the challenge. So here goes.

[1] Fall is the greatest season known to man.

Cooler weather, autumn colors, apple- and pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING, fall cannot be beat. It’s also the time of year when my mind decides to rid itself of aspects of my life that no longer serve me – much like the trees shed their dying leaves to make room for new, lush foliage in the spring.

Fall is also an excellent time for new nail polish colors. Deep purples, warm metallics, appley reds and rich oranges. Now, I generally can’t indulge in my deep-seeded love of nail polish because… for some reason… my nails are made of polish kryptonite. No matter what I do, I can never get the regular polish stuff to stay on my nails for more than a day. But that problem is now remedied.

[2] I found a combination of nail polish and top coat that are unstoppable

even for those with the most polish-resistant nails. And it doesn’t cost an arm and leg nor does it require a trip to the nail salon every two weeks.

Sally Hansen “Hard as Nails – Xtreme Wear” nail color + Essie “No Chips Ahead” top coat. I’m telling you, it works. No chipping, no peeling. Just two weeks of fall-colored nail perfection.

The combo will surely work for you summer nail color lovers too. I’m just not a summer gal. Not when it comes to nail polish or temperatures or… well, anything really. While I do enjoy boating and being on the water, summer bums me out. Summer is when I fall into ruts, when I experience intellectual slumps, and when my brain gets murky despite the clear skies and long days.

Case in point: at the beginning of June, I had an epiphany about my business that shook me to my entrepreneurly core. It forced me to strip my business down to its skivvies and rebuild it from the foundation. I spent the summer teetering between revelation and stagnation – hopping from inspired realization to crippling self-doubt to weeks on end of aimless mental meandering.

[3] Then AMPLIFY was born.

The mastermind group I’m a part of, Coach Jennie’s Audacity Masterclass, started working on a collaborative virtual summit. Each of us were charged with giving a 21-minute, TED-inspired talk designed to help entrepreneurs turn up the volume and level up their businesses.


The assignment, at first, threw me into a tailspin. I had to somehow take my half-thoughts and not-quite-yet ideas about my OWN business revolution and turn them into a cohesive, powerful speech… in a matter of a couple months. I wasn’t ready for that. I could barely articulate the thoughts swirling around inside my head let alone convey them in a way that would be valuable and helpful for others.

But I got to work and I did it. It was a challenge like none other, but I did it. I delivered my first keynote!

Not only did I manage to pull myself out of an aimless business depression and deliver an impactful speech, the process helped inform my new thought leadership platform and reignite the purpose and mission I had set out with when I originally started my business.

[4] I retooled my business from the ground up.

I got rid of services that didn’t make sense for my renewed commitment to empower the do-gooders, change-makers, and ruckus-starters of the world. I tweaked the services that still made sense but needed a clearer focus. I created new products and services that were desperately needed by my clients, fans, and followers.

During the summit prep and the business reconfiguration, I documented my realizations, my questions, my exploration for answers, and the aha-moments along my journey to getting back to a business built upon impact. About 5,000 words into the documentation, I took my thoughts to the streets – talking with other people about my epiphany, about the thoughts and ideas and the mission that had come out of preparing for my Amplify talk. Others were relating to it. It was resonating with mission-driven entrepreneurs left and right. People were experiencing the same struggles I had. And they desperately wanted help figuring out how to get to overcome them.

[5] I had the sudden realization that documenting my evolution from epiphany to execution was more than a journaling exercise… I was writing my first book.

It was a startling realization, to be honest. Even though I’m a writer by trade, I didn’t know how to write a book. Or market a book. Or sell a book. Hell, I probably still don’t know even a fraction of what I should know despite my book releasing on Amazon in just a couple weeks.
But I knew I was capable of learning what I needed to in order to get the book out into the world so I set out to learn as much as I could about self-publishing. I gathered up the resources. I googled until my fingers couldn’t google anymore. I curated a collection of courses, groups, experts, and supporters to help me get this book published.

And whether I’ve learned enough to make it a smashing success as a book, I know, already, that I’ve learned enough to make an IMPACT with book.

[6] Agent of Impact is just now getting into the hands of some select early reviewers but the responses have been overwhelmingly positive.

It’s already inspiring readers to reconnect to their missions and reminding people they have more than just something to sell, they have something to SAY. The book, although not yet released, is already making change in the lives and businesses of its readers.

And that’s what I set out to do with that book – make an impact. Even if it’s just a select few who walk away impacted, the book has served its purpose. Even if I don’t sell a single copy, the book has done its job. And that makes me incredibly proud and unspeakably touched.

[7] While I gave birth to my very first book, my nephew and his wife brought their own little bundle of joy into the world.

Their first son, Jayce, is my favorite pint-sized human in the world so it’s no surprise that his new baby brother, Liam, excites me to no end. Being an aunt is probably my favorite role in life and to have another great-nephew to spoil and play with and teach things makes my head spin with joy and anticipation.


But Liam’s birth delivered a double-dose of spectacular.

[8] My niece survived a wicked brain tumor threatening her optic nerve and resulting brain surgery just days after delivering her new son.

She’d experienced more complications with her benign tumor with this pregnancy than she did with the last. The tumor was putting pressure on her optic nerve and there were fears her vision (which is also essential to her career) could be impaired permanently but surgery posed other, more dangerous risks. A couple days after she had Liam, the tumor became unruly and avoiding surgery was no longer an option. The risks were significant and the whole family was on edge as she was in emergency surgery to remove the tumor.

But the procedure was a success. So far, there have been no signs of permanent damage and she’s on track to a full recovery. She returned home just 3 days after her surgery and the family can all breathe a bit easier now.

[9] Experiencing so many ups and downs and in-betweens over the past few months has helped me to remember the importance of slowing down, being present, and reveling in the spectacular.

I am typically so project driven, so hyper focused on the things in my life that occupy the most time, energy, and mental space. But a fluctuant summer with many moving parts and many complex layers of interconnected pieces has disarmed me – causing me to stop trying so hard to compartmentalize, to step back, and celebrate even the smallest of things like my new favorite sandwich place, the fact that I’m sleeping better, and even my earlier-mentioned nail polish discovery.

[10] It has also helped me to reconnect to my art.

During the painfully sluggish summer months spent in self-analysis, answering hard questions about my business, and trudging through the lack of direction I decided it was a good time to pick up scratchboard again. I lost my fervor for drawing many moons ago but allowing myself to pick up my tools and spend hours enveloped in the act of creation without cause really rekindled my love to make art.

What spectacular things are happening in your world right now? Monumental wins? Small victories? Memorable experiences? New favorite things or favorite places? What is cause for celebration in your life right now?

Write your own 10 Spectacular Things post and plop your link down in the comments so I can celebrate with you!

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  1. Megz –

    Congrats, congrats, and congrats! So, so happy that you took the time to stop + revamp your biz. You are going amazing places, and I’m constantly inspired by you + your mission.

    So glad to hear things are on the up-and-up with your niece! 🙂

    And cheers to better sleep. Always.

    Can’t wait to see what comes for you in the next few months!

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