Who Are You Meant to Serve?


I sometimes struggle to properly and accurately articulate who it is I feel I was put on this earth to serve.

I try to sum it up in a few descriptive nouns (do-gooders, change-makers, and ruckus-starters) in an effort to be succinct but I find those nouns to be mostly insufficient – especially when I’m encountering someone new or they’re discovering me and my business for the first time.

I get a lot of follow-up questions. What is a do-gooder? What is a change-maker? What the hell is a ruckus-starter? What do those words mean and who are these people?

Do-Gooders are advocates for social justice. They are soldiers fighting the good fight. They spend their waking moments finding ways to help others. They are activists. They are humanitarians. They are philnthropists. They are the ones who choose the path of doing good for others.

Change-Makers are champions of transformation. They are messengers on a mission to change minds, change circumstances, and change outcomes. They are committed to redefining how we work, live, and play. They empower those around them to come together. They build communities around new ideas. They are catalysts.

Ruckus-Starters are crusaders of rebellion – but not just for rebellion’s sake. They squash the status quo. They crush paradigms. They innovate the way we think and the way we see the world. They are modern day philosophers dissatisfied with the current state affairs. They shake the world by the shoulders. They make noise with a purpose.

These people may have different objectives, different goals, and different methods… but these people are not all that different.

Do-gooders, change-makers, and ruckus-starters are all driven by a mission to make an impact. They are revolutionaries. They inspire the masses. They influence change. They instigate action. They are the poster children of work that matters. They may lead non-profit organizations. They may be entrepreneurs. They may be bloggers or authors or they may even be bankers. But they are all messengers. They all have something to say, the urge to share their truth with the world, the unquenchable thirst to effect change- whether in their immediate communities or the world over.

They speak up.

They stand out.

They play by their own rules.

They solve problems. They create. They question everything.

They dance. They love fiercely. They push back.

They work tirelessly. They draw. They evaluate and assess.

They read books. They write books. They burn books.

They teach. They support. They celebrate the accomplishments of others.

They are the do-gooders. They are the change-makers. They are the ruckus-starters.

They are the people I see making a difference in the world. And they are the people I was put on this spinning little orb to serve.

Who are you meant to serve?

December #MissionIgnition Challenge

I encourage you to take that inquiry and use it as a writing prompt. Write, in painstaking detail, about who it is you are meant to serve. No demographics or avatar crap. Talk about the deeply ingrained characteristics of those you serve.

And if you’re feeling especially brave, post it to your blog for all the world to see. Once it’s posted, tweet the link with the hashtag #missionignition so we can all get in on this action.

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