25 Days of Do-Goodery – A Countdown to… Kenya?


The time is almost here! I’ve been planning, saving, and scheming for over a year and my trip to Kenya is right around the corner.

(Holy smokes, Batman! Where did 2013 go?!)

africadesign_newbrandOn this December 1st, a lot of folks start counting down the days until Christmas. But that’s not the case here at Ignition HQ. I’m counting down the days until December 26th, the beginning of my journey to Kenya! My family and I will be trekking across the globe to visit family, introduce my baby nugget (read: great-nephew) to his grandparents for the first time, and conduct a little do-goodery with an orphanage we’re involved with in Nairobi.

Earlier this year, we raised about $4,000 for this orphanage and we couldn’t be more excited about visiting the children and helping the home get some much-needed expenses taken care of. So in honor of the excitement, anticipation, and do-goodery involved in this Kenya trip, I’m officially announcing the 25 Days of Do-Goodery campaign!

Each day in December, I’ll share a thought-provoking prompt, question, or fun-fact about the art (and science – you know, I can’t go without nerding it up) of giving back, doing good, and making positive change in this world.

Let’s make this December to be about more than just giving gifts… but about giving thanks, giving yourself, and giving BACK. Join me in this month-long quest of feel-good do-goodery and let’s shine a little love on the people and places that matter to us. 

You game?


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