• Once upon a time, I was a poet.

    • More than half of my iTunes playlists consist of artists I’ve discovered via TV shows and commercials.

    • I once had the privilege of seeing His Holiness the (14th) Dalai Lama speak. I attended with one of my most cherished friends and will never forget the silent bliss that filled the car on our way home from the event that day.

    • I am a perfectionist that falls in love with the imperfections of others.

    • There is nothing in this world I get more excited about than MSU Spartan’s Basketball. If I were ruler of the world, March Madness would be national holiday and Tom Izzo would be the pope. Spartan Hoops are practically a religion for me.


    • I might be one of the clumsiest, most accident-prone humans alive. I was nicknamed “Crash” for good reason and have more scars than I can count.

    • Game of Thrones is, hands down, my favorite TV show of all time. It is closely followed by its other Top 5 neighbors: Arrested Development, Bones, Gilmore Girls, and Ugly Betty.

    • I have an enormous family and my most cherished roles in life are that of daughter, sister, and auntie.

    • My favorite (and lucky) number is 54. It was my basketball number for years. I was kind of a baller.


  • An Emily Dickenson quote, “Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality,” is tattooed upon my very skin in honor of my big brother, Mike. May he continue to rest peacefully.

  • I’ve had a lifelong love affair with Frank Sinatra. I first discovered Ole Blue Eyes when I was a mere three years old when I sashayed and high-kicked to New York, New York in my very first dance recital.

  • I got hit by a train. True story.


  • NERD should be my middle name. My nerdities (aka nerd specialties) include: energy efficiency, words, Microsoft Excel, and color theory.

  • I fucking love carrots. And peanut butter. But not together.

  • When I’m having a bad day, I close my eyes and listen to Kerry Muzzey’s “Light at the End of the Tunnel”. It somehow manages to calm and stir the very core of my being at the same exact time.

  • I was once quite the artist. I’ve sold a couple commissioned anatomy drawings and a few portraits. Something happened and the draw-er juice has seemingly expired.


  • I have a bucket list a mile long. Things I’ll be crossing off in 2013 include (but are certainly not limited to): seeing the Harlem Globetrotters live, traveling across the globe to Kenya, and becoming conversationally fluent in a second language.

  • The author, Og Mandino, clearly must have been channeling some serious Megz mojo when he wrote, “I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.” This is my battle cry. Every. Single. Day. Except for days that include naps on the couch, of course.

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