I talk about branding a lot. And creativity. And copywriting. And do-goodery. And design. And all sorts of really awesome stuff. You should connect with me in some way, shape, or form so you can be a part of all the do-goodin’-change-makin’-ruckus-startin’ nerdery, hijinks, and hullabaloo.

The Mission Ignition Monthly is a newsletter (ugh, I hate that word) that I send out once per month to help subscribers define their missions, align their messaging, and design the movements they dream of building.

When you subscribe to the Mission Ignition Monthly, you get valuable content I create as well as a monthly challenge to get you thinking, writing, and acting with your movement-maker hat on. And you get all that *first* – after a few days, the article and challenge is shared to my blog.




You should also connect me with in the more social spots on the world wide web (do people still say that?). Below you’ll find links to where I might be when I’m gabbing on about the importance mission-driven marketing, how to juice your creative powers, and other totally rad (yet somewhat nerdy) wordsmithin’ supersauce.


I love getting notes. Love notes are my favorite, of course, but I also gladly accept any and all questions you might have, silly one-liner jokes, and “just had to say hello” types of notes. Feel free to jot me a note all of your own below.

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Megan Atkinson is abundantly selfless (and a barrel of laughs) — the perfect filter for maximizing our outreach and awareness of member needs. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough!
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