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We schlep and slog and sweat and toil to create all these phenomenal products and services that alter peoples’ lives in monumental ways, amplify businesses to reach unimaginable success, and make incredible amounts of positive change in this world! And just when we think we’re done with the tough stuff, we realize the hard work has only just begun.


You are sick and tired of being sick and tired… of your copywriting woes and the worries it leaves you choking on as you desperately try to fall asleep at night.

Am I leaving money on the table because my copy is dry and crusty around the edges?

Am I not captivating the right people because they think I don’t speak their language?

Do I sound like a busted and broken robot stuck on “regurgitate” mode?

Am I even explaining what I do and the value I’m offering in a way that makes sense?

Take a deep breath. Let’s take a few steps back before your sales copy lands you in the midst of a panic attack or a dark pit of depression. (We’ve all been there, am I right?)

First and foremost, copywriting IS complex. None of the outlines or templates you can find on every copywriting blog available to mankind are going to solve your word despair. They’re helpful, sure… but they are also cookie-cutter pseudo-solutions that simply bandage your confidence so you can persevere to another day of agonizing self-promotion.


Until you truly find your voice, get cozy with your language, and start learning the essentials and mechanics of great copywriting, you’re going to feel frustrated with the self-remedies you find yourself ogling on copywriting blogs in the wee hours of the morning just before your next big launch.

Copy Therapy is designed to not only provide valuable information on the craft of effective copywriting but to guide you through the process, step-by-step, to help you overcome whatever barriers stand in your way. Most the time, the struggle is not figuring out what you need to write, but figuring out what it is that’s standing in the way of copywriting your pretty little heart out.

Fighting to find the perfect words to sell your brilliance?

Build your brand vocab and amplify your voice.

Not great at writing confidently about your offerings and your value?

Master the art bragging graciously.

Suck at crafting calls to action that ooze confidence and urgency?

Ask unapologetically, without the smarmy, sleaze-tastic sales tactics.

Unsure how to overcome common objections from buyers?

FAQ it up like a rockstar.

Feel like you’re walking a fine line between transparency and too much information?

Learn how to tell your story like a champ.


The truth is, although I’m not a therapist, I am all too aware of the mental roadblocks that prevent superstar entrepreneurs from conveying their brilliance, communicating with confidence, and most importantly: closing the sale. From my years of experience in writing, sales, customer relations, and marketing, I can help you conquer those copywriting demons and develop handy tools that will allow you to craft authentic sales copy with confidence and ease… and you might even grow to ENJOY it. GASP!

copy therapy couch


Uncanny ability to craft calls to action that leave readers tripping over themselves on their way to the ‘buy now’ button
Unexpected mastery of the art and science behind explaining who you are, what you do, and why you’re the best in the land
Renewed inspiration to self-promote without snory, stuffy, and/or sleazy sales jargon
Inability to be stopped, slowed, or slumped by “writer’s block”
Uncontrollable urge to transform witicisms into stellar taglines
Increased likelihood to sleep the night before your next big launch

Copy Therapy isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. Before you pop a squat on the Copy Couch and spill your word woes to me, let’s rendezvous on what’s giving you a case of the copywriting crankies and hash out what would be the best solution for you and your words.

I invite you to snag your very own (free!) Copy Revival Rendezvous so we can get down to the nitty gritty about what’s giving you a case of the copywriting crankies.


I’ll review all your existing copy on your website, we’ll chat about where you’re at and where you want to be, and you’ll walk away with two just-for-you hot tips to pop your copy and any details you need to know about Copy Therapy.




Every interaction I have with Megan is in some way valuable. The woman is brilliant! Megan’s laser focus really helped me produce the best copy. She has an amazing ability to just *get* what I want to convey and make my words sound 300x better. The bigger outcome of working with Megan:  TOTAL BRAND CLARITY. What a great experience!
Brandy MorrisBrandy Morris, Possibility Scout and Idea Wrangler
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