Your yet-another-eBook doesn’t matter. Your lead-generation webinars don’t matter. Your 30%-off discount & this-weekend-only coupon codes don’t fricking matter. None of your promotional tactics matter. They’re requisite to promoting your stuff but they don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.


And your impact is something people will trip over themselves to get behind.

When you do have something valuable to provide for your people – be it a product, service, program, freebie, whatever – they don’t need as much convincing of its value when your mission stands front-and-center in all you do. You don’t have to bust your ass as hard to communicate why people should buy it. They know your impact, they know your purpose, they know that you put your blood, sweat, and tears into everything you do because you’re on a mission.

When your message is consistently mission-driven (not “BUY MY SHIT”-driven), your audience knows that what you’re putting out into the world matters and that it will make an impact on their life in one way or another.



There are two distinct pieces to the mission-driven messaging puzzle:
message-1Copy that showcases not only what you have to sell, but what you have to SAY to the world in a way that inspires followers and inspires sales
message-2Design that showcases your special brand of genius and makes it stick in the minds of your audience with a lasting impression

Your unique voice, your mission in print, your sales copy, and your content (in all its many forms!) need special attention in order to keep your mission to make an impact front-and-center in all you do.

Your visual brand needs the same special attention so you can share your message and promote your work in a way that’s memorable, unique to you, and shines in spite of all the noise in the online and offline world.



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