Mission Revival Guide

So you’ve decided it’s time to take a good hard look at your mission, your message, and the movement you ache to build. You know in your gut that your business was born to do good, make change, or shake the world by its shoulders but something just ain’t right. You’re not sure where you veered off path or how you got so far away from your big why, your purpose, your mission to make an impact on this world. But you know you need to fix it and you need help getting started.

Worry not, my mission-driven friend. I’ve got you covered.

The Mission Revival Guide will walk you through the first steps of reconnecting to your mission so you can start building the movement that once upon a time inspired you to start your biz.

In the Mission Revival Guide, you’ll find worksheets filled with questions to help you:

Define Your Mission

Hone in on precisely how you want to make this world a better place to work, live, or play through your business and the work you do

Align Your Message

Identify where your marketing efforts can better showcase your mission and what is you have to SAY, not just what it is you have to sell

Design Your Movement

Evaluate which business practices of yours need an overhaul by looking at them through the lens of making a bigger impact


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