You dreamt of building a business driven by making the world a better place to work, live, and play. You were hell bent on making a difference. You were committed to making change.

You dreamt of making a buck or two while making an impact on the world.

But somewhere between “open for business!” and owning your special brand of genius, you managed to lose sight of that dream, that mission to make an impact.

You became bogged down by sales copy, calls-to-action, and the latest-and-greatest techniques to create viral content.

Your talents earned you cred and clammoring clients in your social circles but your game-changing ideas and message grew more and more diluted by “this weekend only” coupon codes and 30% discounts to fill the pipeline.

You’re damn good at what you do and your people know it. But you’re tired of constantly showing up with something to sell. You’re ready to become known for what you have to SAY to the world.


But you’ve got no idea how to reconnect to that mission to do good, make change, and incite a ruckus.

You need some insight. A roadmap. A blueprint. A playbook. You know, in order for your business to truly evolve into what you originally envisioned, you need some help.

But all the “definitive guides”, eCourses, webinars, and programs out there don’t resonate.

They seem to be written for those who want to make six-figures in six months… not those who want to make social change. They’re targeted to those who want to be known and be seen… not those who want to be heard. They’re created for those who want build a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility.. not those who want to build a movement.

So, what do you do when the entrepreneurial world doesn’t do much to feed the first of those of us that DO start businesses to inspire, influence, and impact the world around us?


And that’s what I’m here for.

Every entrepreneur is different and every mission is forged from a different story, a different experience. Which means every message should be unique to its messenger and movements cannot be assembled with a cookie-cutter strategy made for someone else.

I serve the do-gooders, change-makers, and ruckus-starters of this world with branding services that range from strategy, messaging, branding, and beyond so their missions to make an impact can become a reality.


Whether you need help figuring out how to find your way back to a business built upon a mission to make an impact, some expert guidance with copywriting or visual branding, or a partner to help you grow your business into a full-blown movement, we should talk!

In this free, 30-minute session, you and I will deep dive to:

  • Define your passion-slathered mission to make an impact on the world
  • Align your messaging (and marketing!) to keep that mission front-and-center in all you do
  • Design the next-steps necessary to build your movement and maximize your impact

Unfortunately, I’m all booked up at the moment so Rendezvous sessions are temporarily unavailable. If you’d like to get in touch with me, hop over to my Connect page to contact me directly.

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