Even the greatest of wordsmiths experience anxiety and hesitation about promoting their work through the written word.


Put those worries and woes of the wordy variety away, friend. Crafting copy doesn’t have to feel like heartburn, heartache, or open heart surgery. 

Imagine for a moment the next time you sit down to draft up some searing hot sales copy, you get through the first draft without wanting to rip your hair out. You plop your tuckus down in your chair, whip open your laptop, and write about why your people should buy your products or services for you without feeling like a smarmy used car salesman. You bust out a couple simple tricks and tools that you picked up from a super fun, whipsmart copywriter and you manage to pull together a sales page, bio, or about page that makes you proud to share your special brand of genius with the world. Wouldn’t that be incredible? Let’s drop the make-believe and make it a reality.

copy revival

In your 30-minute, free Rendezvous with me, we’ll figure out precisely what’s giving you a case of the copy crankies and I’ll get you fully equipped with super valuable tools you can use each and every time you need to write sales copy.

  • Ignite your mission and message more effectively with insights on how to connect on a deeper level with your audience
  • Evoke action with your words by learning effective yet sleeze-free tricks of the copywriting trade
  • Captivate and intrigue your ideal clients by infusing your personality and superjuice all throughout your copy
The days of feeling like you’d rather gouge out your eyeballs with a spork rather than writing your sales copy are over.

When you spend a half hour jamming with me on your words, you’ll walk away with:

  • A top-to-bottom, inside-and-out review of your existing website copy to pinpoint areas that could use some revival
  • 2 personalized hot tips, based on where your copy’s at now and where you want it be, that will pop your copy in a jiffy
  • A super helpful Rendezvous Review sheet with your personalized hot tips so you can reference it over and over as you write
Snag your very own Copy Revival Rendezvous today and let’s get you on the fast track to falling in love with your words again.




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